Clark Hill
Clark Hill

“I know it sounds selfish but I’ve always wanted to leave a legacy.”

Clark Hill speaks clearly, his eyes locked on yours. He’s tall, with an athletic build. His hair, once a curly tumble, is clipped short. He answers questions with a crisp but respectful “Yes, sir.” At age 31, he stands at the crossroads of youth and experience, each enhancing the other. Without even trying he projects a sense of who he is and why he’s here.

“Up until just a few years ago, I hadn’t really found myself. I was a young parent with two kids and a wife. I excelled at every job I got but every day I walked out of my house feeling like I wasn’t doing anything with my life. But even then I knew what it meant to leave your mark on the world. I knew I wouldn’t be here today without my parents. We weren’t a wealthy family but they helped me in every way. My dad worked for 25 years in a prison; he hated it but he did it so we could live comfortably.”

He glances downward but just for a second. “So I kept searching for something I could achieve, some mark I could leave. That would be the greatest thing I could do for my kids.”

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People Like Me

Produced by Mike Rogers, esteemed songwriter and drummer for Craig Morgan, People Like Me was partially recorded at CTM Studios’ (Catch This Music) state-of-the-art facility in Nashville as well as Rivergate Studios in Hendersonville. Hill has previously described his sound as “country with a twist” because of his Southern-Rock influence. .38 Special’s keyboardist (and co-owner of Rivergate Studios) Bobby Capps can be heard on multiple tracks throughout the album.

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