Clark Hill

“Now maybe, just maybe, we all get to see what kind of storyteller Clark really is..”

Life has a way of circling back it seems. After a successful touring stint that saw Clark Hill and band playing over 500 shows in over 30 states and 14 countries in just a few short years, is now kicking back off.

Back in 2019 with a song climbing the country music charts and entering the top 100, Clark was faced with a new challenge. A failed marriage ushered in a simple but devastating choice. Stay home and focus on raising his two kids as a single Dad, or keep chasing those neon lights. That choice became easy in the hardest of times. With his music career taking a back seat the world was faced with a pandemic that shut down the music industry just a few months after Clark had already chosen to put things on hold.

Not long after, Clark lost his dad, who had quietly battled alcohol for a lifetime, leaving him without his best friend, biggest critic and most avid supporter. Without the changes that had been faced just the year before, he may not have been home to enjoy those final months and days of sobriety with his Dad or even worse, might not have been at his side when he went to be with God.

All of these turmoils , all of the stress , all of the sleepless nights and fear of failure and the reality that life was passing him by appears to have lead simply to Clark finally tapping into his inner creativity. With more songs written in the last two years than any other period of time before Clark has found a way to express his inner fears in a way that manny now can understand and more importantly, relate to. Yes playing shows with artist like Chris Young, Cody Johnson, Craig Morgan, Neal McCoy, Trace Adkins and many more were times that Clark cherishes, the things he learned from those artist appear to be what he cherishes the most however.

Now maybe, just maybe, we all get to see what kind of storyteller Clark really is.

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People Like Me

Produced by Mike Rogers, esteemed songwriter and drummer for Craig Morgan, People Like Me was partially recorded at CTM Studios’ (Catch This Music) state-of-the-art facility in Nashville as well as Rivergate Studios in Hendersonville. Hill has previously described his sound as “country with a twist” because of his Southern-Rock influence. .38 Special’s keyboardist (and co-owner of Rivergate Studios) Bobby Capps can be heard on multiple tracks throughout the album.

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